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Archery Beginner’s Courses




 Archery for Beginners

Courses are run by Archery GB qualified Level 1 coaches, assisted by other experienced club archers. They provide 8 hours of coaching, spread over either a 5 week programme or a weekend, so that participants achieve the level of proficiency required for new entrants to the sport. The coaching takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. All equipment is provided and you are covered by our club’s insurance.


The cost of the course is £65 Seniors, £35 Juniors aged 12 years and above. If you want to take part in our next course, get in touch and put your name down, as the number of places is limited. If, like many people, you’ve been thinking for ages of having a go at archery, now is your opportunity.


Because archery is a projectile sport, and safety is paramount, you can only join a club and take part in competitions after taking a beginners course like ours run to Archery GB standards.


Our course starts off by teaching you how to assemble and use a recurve bow for target archery. You are taught the safety procedures to follow and how to shoot safely with a recurve bow with sights. Successful completion of the course should allow you to reach a level of competence so that you can join our club and become a Archery GB member with the basic skills to build on to whatever level you want to reach – whether recreational shooting on club nights, entering local and regional competitions, or aiming for the Olympics!

Banbury-Cross-Archers-Beginner-Course form+2016  Completion of  a beginners course does not guarantee club membership.

Please note : Although we do accept juniors onto beginners courses from 12 years of age, this is dependant on the stature of the junior and if they are able to pull a bow safely and are competent at overseeing the safety of the range. We will also require proof of age.


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